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Mar 17, 2013 9:00pm PDT
subaru. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >> carolyn: a natural phenomenon is paving the skies. here is what the arora borealis look like last night. it's when the sun hits the earth's magnetic field. it was particularly strong and could be seen as far south as colorado. >> a san francisco cab company and local law firm are hoping to keep the city streets a little safe they are st. patrick's day. they are offering free rides between 10:00 tonight and 4:00 a.m. up tomorrow. up to $35 fares. you must mention byrd injury lawyers. sponsors of the program. >> new studies show areas rattled by earthquakes may be great places to hunted for gold. they published a report, when a quake strike it can turn water into gold. it happens before the quake rips off the fault which vaporizes the water. the vapor leaves behind gold and silica. after collecting for thousands of years the gold can add up to large deposits. >>> starving sea lion cubs are washing up on the shores and scientists are baffled to keep the pups alive. we do have few more days of sunny skies, but change is on the way. leigh
Mar 23, 2013 9:00pm PDT
. dad: you look so pretty. ♪ i'm overprotective. that's why i got a subaru. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. [ man ] it's big. responds in a moment's notice. supports in times of need. same with aladdin. aladdin became the biggest in bail by treating people right. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional than aladdin. that's why more people turn to aladdin than anyone. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better. >>> a man who was released from prison after serving two decades for a crime he did not commit is in new york hospital tonight. he is recovering from a massive heart attack the day after he became a free man. here is a report. >> reporter: the day after david became a free man, after more than 20 years behind bars for a murder he did not commit, he suffered a massive heart attack. he being treated at a new york hospital where his attorney says he is recovering. the accumulated trauma of being falsely convicted and incarcerated for 23 years and coupled intense emotions has had a profound impact on his health. he was convicted in the 1990 killing o
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2